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Innovative Treatments for Neurological Conditions

Starting with a comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis, USC Neurosciences can help you overcome challenging neurological conditions. Combining neurological surgery and neurology, our team includes some of the world’s top experts in multiple specialties. With advanced treatment options, experienced physicians, state-of-the-art technology and innovative research, USC Neurosciences physicians are leaders in the field.

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Precise diagnosis and treatment are key to overcoming neurological challenges. Our team takes a collaborative approach at every stage, using advanced techniques to assess your condition. We then develop a tailored treatment plan, including any necessary oncology, radiology, physical and occupational therapy or other services. When possible, we employ non-surgical or minimally invasive techniques that help you return to your daily activities more quickly and with fewer side effects.

We offer unique programs to treat chronic headaches, epilepsy, rare neurological disorders and Parkinson’s disease, helping patients regain their independence and enjoy an active lifestyle. Our decades of research into Alzheimer’s disease has improved how we diagnose and manage the disease, improving patients’ quality of life.

More Than 20 Highly Specialized Centers

USC Neurosciences is home to more than 20 highly specialized centers and programs. Our multidisciplinary care model ensures that physicians collaborate with colleagues across specialties to ensure each patient gets the most appropriate treatment for the best possible outcomes.

Brain and Spine Tumor Center

We bring together neurosurgeons, medical neuro-oncologists, radiation oncologists and radiologists to develop a diagnostic and treatment plan for your specific tumor. We carefully pinpoint the location of the tumor to minimize the risk of damage to surrounding areas, and use advanced techniques to reduce incision size and accelerate recovery. We can use awake craniotomy for selected brain tumors, which preserves speech and motor function.

Chordoma Center

Our Chordoma Center is among only a few institutions in the U.S. to specialize in this very rare spinal tumor, giving our neuro-oncologists extensive experience to design and implement a comprehensive treatment plan. We offer ongoing clinical trials and protocols, as well as advanced surgical techniques like microdissection and image guidance using neuronavigational therapy.

Comprehensive Epilepsy Center

Our goal is to provide accessible, multi-disciplinary care that tailors treatments to each patient’s specific needs. Designated as a Level 4 epilepsy specialist center, we care for the most complex cases, and can help patients whose seizures have not been relieved by medications. We offer responsive neuro-stimulation, resective procedures and medication clinical trials, as well as a unique rehabilitative program that helps patients regain their independence.

Deep Brain Stimulation

We offer Southern California’s most comprehensive care for patients requiring deep brain stimulation, which can treat Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor, dystonia or other movement disorders. Through collaboration with the Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Center and the Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring Program, our researchers are at the forefront of new treatments that can disrupt abnormal electrical signals in the brain.

Headache and Neuralgia Center

We address the most challenging and unmanageable headache and facial pain disorders through an interdisciplinary approach. Our team includes physical therapists, occupational therapists, pain physicians, psychologists, neurosurgeons, neurologists and complementary/alternative medicine specialists. We integrate this expertise into the country’s only Lifestyle Redesign® program, which incorporates preventative treatment strategies and lifestyle modifications to help find and eliminate the cause of chronic headaches.

Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring Program

Our physicians monitor and assist surgeons during neurological procedures, using groundbreaking techniques to measure nerve cell activity during surgery. Through intraoperative monitoring, brain mapping and brain implants, we can reduce risk and improve outcomes. These techniques enable us to conduct valuable research into new techniques to treat aneurysms, brain and spinal cord tumors, complex spine conditions, and head and neck tumors.

Memory and Aging Center

With the most advanced diagnostic and treatment services for Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and aging-related diseases, we provide comprehensive care that can improve quality of life. For more than 30 years, our researchers have made major progress towards understanding Alzheimer’s disease, vascular brain injury and memory problems. By combining this research with ongoing clinical trials, every day we become one step closer to a cure.

Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery and Endoscopic Skull Base Center

Our extensive experience with diagnosing and evaluating skull base tumors gives patients some of the most innovative treatment options, including BrainPath®, neuro-endoscopy and neuro-navigation. These advanced techniques allow us to use natural pathways, requiring smaller incisions and minimizing pain, infection risk, side effects and length of hospital stay.

Multiple Sclerosis Comprehensive Care Center

Our patient-centered program integrates advanced treatments and therapies with rehabilitation and network support for patients, their families and caregivers. We take a multidisciplinary approach that addresses each patient’s needs, with individualized medications, infusion services and patient programs and support groups. Several ongoing clinical trials continue to bring new options to our patients.

Neuro Critical Care Program

We treat patients with acute brain or spinal cord disease, including stroke, aneurysms, hemorrhages, or surgeries of the central nervous system, spine, ear, nose or throat. Our dedicated neurointensive care unit helps accelerate recovery for patients with neurological injury. Led by neurointensivists, the team includes neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists and intensive care specialists.

Neuro Oncology Program

Our personalized, comprehensive approach to brain and spinal tumors incorporates the latest advances, including embolization of tumors, advanced neuro-navigational technology and sophisticated imaging technology. We specialize in cerebrovascular surgery, stereostatic radiosurgery, movement disorders, endovascular neurosurgery, skull base surgery, neuro-endocrine surgery, complex spine surgery, peripheral nerve surgery, neuro-trauma and pediatric neurosurgery.

Neuro Psychology and Cognitive Behavioral Neurology Program

Through tests of attention, memory, language, visual skills and emotional status, we evaluate patients’ cognitive strengths and weaknesses, offering insight into cognitive and behavioral changes. We work with patients with head trauma, stroke, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Through our techniques, patients learn new approaches to memory and can better adapt to change.

Neuro Rehabilitation Program

We help patients regain their independence after a stroke or other brain injury through therapies that improve mobility, daily living activities, cognition, communication and strength. Our team of physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, rehabilitation nursing staff, social workers, case managers and physiologists work together to help patients every step of the way.

Neurogenetics Multidisciplinary Program

We closely monitor and treat patients with neurogenetic conditions, including neurofibromatosis 1, neurofibromatosis 2, Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome, Li–Fraumeni syndrome, tuberous sclerosis, Noonan syndrome and Costello syndrome. Even though many patients remain free of symptoms, ongoing monitoring helps ensure that tumors are caught when they are more treatable by radiation and radiosurgery procedures.

Neuromuscular Program

We take an integrated approach to evaluation, diagnosis, neurophysiologic testing and treatment for neuromuscular disorders. With new advances in genetic and molecular diagnosis, we can better identify the most appropriate treatment for each patient. Our program includes a state-of-the-art neurophysiology electromyography laboratory and an infusion center, plus several clinical trials evaluating new treatments and therapies.

Neurovascular Disorder Center

We treat blood flow disorders of the central nervous system, including stroke, arteriovenous malformations, carotid artery stenosis and aneurysm. Our highly experienced endovascular neurosurgeons perform embolizations, angioplasty and stent placements, and are at the forefront of developing new techniques to manage even the most complex cases.

Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorder

We offer the most comprehensive center in Southern California for treating Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders, including the largest clinical trials program in the region. Our integrated approach includes care from neurologists, neurosurgeons, nurse practitioners, clinical psychologists, social workers, speech therapists and physical and occupational therapists. We are recognized for our leadership in research, comprehensive care delivery, professional education and patient outreach.

Pituitary Center

The Center introduced minimally invasive surgical techniques to treat pituitary disorders nearly 40 years ago. By treating more than 4,000 patients, our surgeons have the most extensive surgical experience in Southern California. Our unique program delivers collaborative, long-term care for complex pituitary tumors and hormonal disorders, through endoscopic endonasal surgery and advanced radiosurgery options.

Revascularization Center

As the largest revascularization center in Southern California, we deliver nationally-recognized, multidisciplinary collaboration across the departments of neurosurgery, neurology and plastic surgery. Our team specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of complex cerebrovascular diseases including Moyamoya disease, intracranial atherosclerosis, complex aneurysms and idiopathic occlusive disease. Our interdisciplinary microsurgical collaboration helps develop creative solutions to difficult problems, with improved cosmetic outcomes.

Roxanna Todd Hodges Comprehensive Stroke Center and TIA Program

We identify and treat transient ischemic attacks (TIA) to reduce the risk of recurrent strokes. With your physician’s referral, we apply a multidisciplinary approach to provide expedited evaluation and advanced imaging techniques to reveal abnormalities in blood flow. We also participate in many research studies that are evaluating novel imaging techniques, diagnostic testing and treatments.

Skull Base Therapeutics Center

We streamline and optimize care for patients with complex skull base tumors and related conditions. Our minimally invasive techniques include endoscopic neurosurgery and radiosurgery with the state-of-the-art Gamma Knife® and CyberKnife®. We treat tumors of the anterior skull base and lateral skull base, with highly precise techniques for the best possible outcomes and minimal recovery times.

Spine Center

As part of both USC Orthopaedic Surgery and USC Neurological Surgery, our neurosurgeons and orthopaedic surgeons work closely together to alleviate pain and restore function and mobility. We often begin with non-surgical and minimally invasive treatments, and offer a full range of spine surgical procedures. Our experience makes us a destination for second opinions from patients who have not found relief elsewhere.

Stereotactic Radiosurgery Center

This innovative outpatient surgical method gives patients new options for treating tumors of the brain and spine. Our experts use three of the most effective radiation oncology treatments: Gamma Knife® Perfexion, CyberKnife® and TrueBeam™ STx. We have performed thousands of procedures, and are the only institution in Southern California to offer all three treatment options in one location.

Trigeminal Neuralgia and Hemifacial Spasm Center

We offer non-surgical and surgical treatments for trigeminal neuralgia and hemifacial spasm. Our innovative techniques can treat and cure these conditions while reducing possible side effects, such as hearing loss. We conduct a complete neurological examination to obtain the correct diagnosis, and offer several options for patients who have not responded to previous treatments.

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