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Patient Stories

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The Keck Effect: More Leisure Time

When Marco Mejia stepped out of a movie theater one night with an excruciating headache, he didn’t know it would be the start of a terrifying health battle. The soft-spoken 34-year-old typically enjoyed an active lifestyle, spending much of his free time taking long walks in the park or playing Read more

On Steady Ground

One patient seeks a return to stability through deep brain stimulation at Keck Medicine of USC. On a rushed morning one year ago, Mary Shea, stood at a skycap booth at Reagan National Airport and struggled to remove her drivers’ license from her wallet. The skycap and people in line Read more

  • Dr. Jonathan Russin, Kathy Nguyen, Robby

USC stroke patient completes L.A. Marathon

A former patient at the University of Southern California (USC) Comprehensive Stroke and Cerebrovascular Center at Keck Medicine of USC ran the Los Angeles Marathon on Feb. 14, accompanied by the treatment team that saved her life. Prior to her stroke, 41-year-old Kathy Nguyen had nine marathons under her belt. Read more

The Roxanna Todd Hodges Comprehensive Stroke Clinic at USC

Roxana Todd Hodges Comprehensive Stroke Clinic at USC provides multidisciplinary support and care to patients who have had stroke or are at risk of stroke. With prevention as their highest priority, the clinic leads an education program to raise awareness about stroke risk factors and signs. Lifestyle lectures also empower Read more

Mind Over Matter

Keck Medicine of USC, Caltech and Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation clinical trial defines next generation of neuroprosthetics Paralyzed from the neck down after suffering a gunshot wound when he was 21, Erik G. Sorto now can move a robotic arm just by thinking about it and using his imagination. Read more

From Fierce Headaches to Full Health

Tracey Mallett suffered from headaches, and she was worried. Over the course of four years, the Los Angeles-based celebrity fitness instructor battled headaches that had become increasingly more intense and frightening. Irregular at first, they often came on suddenly and would last for several days. She discussed the headaches with Read more

Acoustic Neuroma Treatment at Keck Medicine of USC Gives Pilot Wings of Hope

Commercial airline pilot Luke Bagato discovered that the hearing problems and discomfort he was experiencing in his ear were the result of an acoustic neuroma. After extensively researching the best treatment options across the country, he came from the midwest to Keck Medicine of USC to receive care from Drs. Read more

Firefighter’s wife freed from acoustic neuroma at Keck Medicine of USC

Christine House, a mother of two and wife to a New Hampshire firefighter, was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma and had surgery at a prestigious medical center near her home. The surgery was unsuccessful, leading Christine to seek out the best in the field. Her search brought her across the Read more

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